The rules of the workplace

The rules of the workplace are equal between foreign immigrants and Finnish citizens, including for example salary.

The finnish working culture is completely founded on equality. Also supervisors and employees treat each other as equals.

All employees has the right to organise trade unions, have a safe working environment, receive a salary in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement and to be treated as an equal.

Typical to the finnsih working life is speaking directly, getting right to the point and making agreements (and keeping them!). For example being late is considered rude. Employees follow their supervisors instructions by performing their work thoroughly. Employers are responsible to offer preventive occupational health care, but many employers provide their employees also medical services.

Regular working time in Finland is no more than 40 hours a week and 8 hours a day. Exceptions may be agreed in collective bargaining agreements between trade unions or in employment agreements between the employer and employee.

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