Job search and permits

Start your job search already before you move to Finland.

There are multiple channels for job search in Finland and it’s recommended to use all available channels in your job search. Information about jobs can be found on the internet, social media and newspapers, for example.

A big percent of available jobs are ”hidden” and are not publicly listed. If you find an interesting job or company, contact the employer directly. Many employers hire nowadays via LinkedIn or headhunters, but be prepared with at least your updated CV, often also cover letter. Start networking early!

Academic qualifications: when applying for assignments or posts in the public sector, The National Board of Education decides on the recognition of foreign academic qualifications.

If you are starting your own business, contact an Employment and Economic Development Office adviser. To ensure income, you might be eligible to receive start-up money.

Unemployment benefits:

Citizens of an EU or EEA member state or Switzerland: If you have been unemployed for at least four weeks in your country of origin before arriving to Finland and you are looking for a job in Finland, you may claim an unemployment benefit from your country of origin fir a period of three months. In longer periods you must register your right of residence. Contact your the agency responsible for unemployment benefits in your country of origin for more details.


EU and EEA citizens: you are entitled to work and practice a profession in Finland equally with Finnish citizens
Non-EU/EEA: before you can start working in Finland must you have a residence permit. You must already be employed when applying for a residence permit.

Find about different permits before you move to Finalnd. It depends on the type of your job, length of your stay and country of origin what permits you need.

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